Buying Property in Cyprus

Buying property in Cyprus is a no-brainer for many people in Australia, as they aim to join thousands of holidaymakers and expats alike in a large-scale move to the Mediterranean island. With phenomenal beaches and thousands of years of rich history, a property in Cyprus is great for both full-time residency and the prospect of renting. However, many people investing on Cyprus still do not give international money transfers enough thought, losing out on the best exchange rates in the process. With TorFX, you can avoid this prospect.

As a specialist international currency exchange, you can get all the expert advice you need from TorFX. Our exceptional euro exchange rates could save you as much as five per cent on the offers that high street banks provide - a whopping $10,000 on a transaction of $200,000. On top of this, there are no transaction fees with each currency exchange, saving you as much as $50 on each international transfer you make.

Given that the market is incredibly volatile, rates have been known to fluctuate by as much as 30 per cent in just a few days. Should this be a real prospect and you want more time to effectively plan and budget your property investment, TorFX can freeze and guarantee the perfect rate for you up to a year in advance, allowing you to know how much your property in Cyprus will cost you from the start.

The benefits keep coming, too. Opening an account with TorFX will take just two minutes and it won't cost a thing. Once you have registered, you will receive regular email updates that tell you what you need to know about the market, as well as daily exchange rate changes that could impact on your money. On top of this, you will also have access to your own currency exchange account manager, who walks you through every step of your exchanges and gives expert advice to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.