Buying Property in Greece

Of all the places in the world that you should seek the best currency exchange possible, it's Greece. This isn't down to the simple fact that it has been struggling with its economy in the last few years, either - while Greece's incredible cultural heritage is the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy and literature, the Olympic Games, politics and university, it's also the inventor of coinage. If you're buying a property in Greece, it therefore seems right that you get the best exchange rates from any international money transfers that you make.

Whether you're attracted to the thousands of islands, the wonderfully clear waters or the beautiful beaches - and everything in between - then let TorFX help you get the best international currency exchange rates available. Helping you achieve the most with your money, we can give you an expert consultation and save you up to five per cent on the high street banks – that means that by using our service to buy a $100,000 property in Greece you could save up to $5,000, which is often enough to turn a half-decent property into a dream home.

We don't charge transaction fees during our currency exchanges either, meaning that we can save you up to $30 on each transfer that you make. Here at TorFX, we're also mindful that the currency exchange market is very volatile and that rates can fluctuate by up to 30 per cent or more in just a few days. If you wish to plan and budget your property venture efficiently, we can freeze and guarantee the perfect euro exchange rate for you up to a year in advance, allowing you to know how much your Greek property will cost from the start. We'll even assign you a personal account manager to update you with market reports and currency breakdowns!