Buying Property in New Zealand

New Zealand is loved for its breathtaking natural beauty, low population density and outdoor lifestyle. If you’re looking to make your dream of buying property in New Zealand a reality, how you chose to manage your international currency transfer could make a big difference to what kind of house you can afford.

While TorFX offers excellent exchange rates and fast, free transfers on over 40 global currencies, our exceptional customer service and unique approach to account management sets us apart and helps you get the most from every currency transfer.

The money you save could help you afford a larger property or leave you with enough funds to renovate your new home in New Zealand. TorFX will also help you budget for the purchase effectively by giving you options like fixing a favourable exchange rate up to two years in advance, eliminating the risk of negative exchange rate movements.

With your TorFX Account Manager by your side, you can stay on top of the latest New Zealand Dollar exchange rate fluctuations and manage your foreign currency payments simply, cost-effectively and securely.

If you’re buying a property in New Zealand, TorFX can offer you:

  • A rate improver guarantee
  • The ability to fix an exchange rate up to two years in advance
  • Fast, free international transfers
  • Regular market updates
  • Expert support and guidance
  • Dedicated account management
  • Free online account opening