Buying Property in Portugal

If you're considering buying property in Portugal, you will need to consider the services of a currency exchange company very carefully. By working with TorFX to get your international money transfers, you can be sure that you get the best deal going whether you're moving to Porto, Lisbon or the south coast.

Offering you the best exchange rates you could ever hope for, our team of experts can also offer a wide range of other services. Mindful of the troublesome euro exchange rate, TorFX is unlike your bank in that we can fix your chosen rate for a whole year, meaning you don't have to rush into a transaction if the market is working against you.

On top of this, we can also offer you some of the best rates going and we've been known to outperform bank exchange rates - that could save you thousands on your move to Portugal! What's more, when you move or buy property abroad, you don't have to pay a fee with us to make the transaction saving you as much as $50 every time you shift your assets to the country.

We truly understand that you have enough to deal with when moving to buy property in the Mediterranean nation, whether you're moving there yourself or you're purchasing it as part of a rental portfolio. As such, we've made the process as smooth as possible - it takes just two minutes for you to open an account.

Once registered with us, you'll instantly start receiving regular emails on the market changes, and you'll be assigned your very own account manager who will be happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through the currency exchange process. Your account manager will make sure that you are kept up to date, and that you have access to all the information and tools you need to exchange your money at the right time for you.