Regular Overseas Payments for Businesses

The TorFX Regular Overseas Payments service is a simple and highly cost effective way for businesses to send money abroad on a regular basis. 

If your business pays or receives overseas wages, royalties or service fees, or is engaged in any other type of recurrent transaction, then our Regular Overseas Payments service can save you time and money.  

As with our one off payment transfers, TorFX can offer you a commercial rate on your regular payments completely free of charge. This stress-free service is available for businesses which need to make regular transfers of between $5,000 and $500,000 per month, over a minimum period of 6 months. You can even take out more than one plan at a time, which means it’s perfect for businesses which need to make multiple regular transfers. 

If you want a highly competitive exchange rate for your regular business transfers, look no further than TorFX.

Furthermore, whilst banks typically charge $50 per transfer, transferring money with us is completely free.

Our regular payment service is quick and easy to set up, and once it’s done we ensure that payments are made automatically on the day you select, so you won't need to do a thing.

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Corporate Case Study

Did you know that as a company you may be incurring costly monthly charges for regular payments with your bank which could be avoided? As our corporate case study demonstrates, businesses can lose thousands of pounds a year through regular overseas payments if they place their management with high street banks.


One of our Corporate clients employs 50 overseas workers whose wages are paid monthly. They all receive varying amounts.

Previously, our client transferred these wages through their own Australian bank. By doing this they incurred an average charge of $50 per transfer. With 50 members of staff this was a total charge of $2500 a month. This means that over the course of the yeartransferring wages through the bank cost our client $30,000.

On top of these $30,000 bank charges, our client’s transactions were being carried out at an unsatisfactory rate of exchange, which resulted in them incurring even greater costs.
After joining TorFX our client began saving money instantly.

TorFX are not like banks. As we do not impose any transfer fees your business will be able to save hundreds or thousands of pounds in charges, as well as benefit financially from the best possible exchange rate.

  Typical Cost Transfer Fee Total Charges Per Year
  Monthly Monthly  
TorFX £0 £0 £0
Bank $50* x 50 Transfers $50* x 50 Transfers $30,000
*Cost incurred by poor exchange rate from a Bank

TorFX can also offer your business:

  • Regular market updates by email
  • Expert guidance and advice
  • Direct access to your own currency account manager

Just like our other services, TorFX Regular Overseas Payment Plan saves you time and money. We guarantee an excellent rate of exchange and every month your currency will reach your account on your chosen date, hassle free.